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    Resellerclub ne demek istiyor

    Arkadaşlar bugun rc den boyle bir mail gelmis anladigim kadariyla regledigim bir domain kotuye kullanima musaitmis ne yapmami istiyorlar domaini silmemmi gerekiyor simdi ?.

    Domain:bank-loan (nokta) org


    Our Registration Monitoring System has flagged the following domain names as suspicious.

    bank-loan (nokta) org

    We understand that these domain names may not indulge in any fraudulent activity as of now.

    However, such types of domain names have shown a high tendency of being involved in Abuse related activities. We recommend that you investigate the source of these registrations and update us with your findings.

    Purpose of this notification :

    * To profile customer accounts signed up, with the sole purpose of registering domain names likely to be involved in abusive activity

    * From our experiences we have observed that abusive domains are typically registered using details associated with stolen credit cards. Transactions made through such cards usually result in chargebacks which in turn have to be incurred as a loss by the Reseller. It is therefore advisable to delete such domain names within the money back period to avoid such a loss.

    * However, if you seem to be satisfied with the source and purpose of registration of such domain names, we shall be more than happy to keep them active. If we happen to find the domain names to be in violation of our AUP later in time, we would take the necessary action against them and keep you in the communication loop.

    Based on the explanation provided above, we request you to carry out the necessary investigation from your end and update us with your findings within the next the 24 hours.

    Failure to update us with the findings within the stipulated time frame would compel us to temporarily put the order on hold. Do get back to us with your findings and we shall remove hold placed on the domain name.

    Domain Review Team,

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    hiçbişey yapmadım hiçbişeyde olmadı bilgi amaçlı bir mailmiş.

    Edit: sipariş askıya alınmış sanki cia.com u aldık .
    Konu ercans tarafından (11.Temmuz.2014 Saat 17:14 ) değiştirilmiştir.